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Anonymous asked:

so i watched your coming out video on youtube today & I have a similar situation to you. I wanna come out, but i have grown up in the church & been taught that homosexuality is a sin & both of my parents think im straight and i think theyre homophobic. i know my friends wouldnt care if they knew i was gay & if my friends did care i would just move on. but if my parents get mad at me that would be different i love them. its like im split down the middle. so what kind of advice do you have for me?


Since you think that they might be homophobic I might say that you should try to get the truth on how they view it out. I did that before I came out actually. If something popped up on the news about being gay or if it was in the show my mom or dad were watching, I would study how they looked and what they said and I also asked them (if it was on the news) what their view on it was. As in, if it was about a someone who was bullied for being gay, or a tragedy about someone who was gay, I would just be like “what do you feel about that stuff mom?” and she answered, and if she asked me why i asked or what my view on it was, I would just say “I just don’t think any bullying is okay” or something like that which doesn’t make me look like I am gay. That is one way you could try and see how they would react to it! and if not, just keep waiting and take your time. I know that you probably just wish you could be out and be yourself but taking time and waiting for the right time is really the best option to me! that might mean you will have to wait till college though. It just depends on how much confidence you get in the situation!

I think taking time is completely okay :)

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